Sunday, 21 August 2011

First Day at UiTM

Hello everyone,
            Today, i would like to share about my story my first day at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Johor, Kampus Segamat. Honestly, i am so excited when my name is one of the list names that got to being a university student. Wow, the thing that i cannot imagine but now i am here to be a student at here, it’s among three semesters i am here. Like another person who got the same option like me, they do a lot of preparation. They will bring a lot of thing to use it in everyday life at there. I am too.
            The day i should go to the uitm, it is 26.6.2010, if i not mistaken. My family was sending me at here. We start our ways among 12.00 p.m. and arrival at 1.00 p.m. The first thing that i am seeing is the place for security guard. Near in the place for guard, have a student that waiting for the entire new student to shown the right direction for our college. I got Mutiara. After that, i am seeing a lot of building, in my mind, i was thinking, oh, this is the university. Upon arrival at my college, i saw many students waiting their turn for registration. There have our seniors that help us for our college registration, they are very kind for us. They also had shown us our room. The first think in my mind, when i entered my room, the old locker, the all thing is old, this room have people stay on or not. I finish up all the things that i am bring. After that, i am going out with my family to find anything that i did not bring. We were back at uitm after finish buying all the thing that i am needed.
            Upon arrival, i were there, i see all the new student was sitting on the floor under our block. My family was going back home and leave me at there, i am so sad, oh, i am separate again with my family. It is okay, for my study. They tell us about our first day activities at uitm, i am listening carefully. They bring us to go to the hall, DST and we listen about our activities for orientation week. After that, they give us rest for eating and pray. After that, they bring us again at DST for the night activities, learning to sing the uitm’s song. They give us to go back at our room around 12.00 a.m. I am so tired the first day, i were here.
            That’s all, my experiences, first day at uitm. Even though, i am really tired but i miss my orientation week so much, because it is wonderful and challenges experiences for me.               

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