Sunday, 21 August 2011

First Day at UiTM

Hello everyone,
            Today, i would like to share about my story my first day at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Johor, Kampus Segamat. Honestly, i am so excited when my name is one of the list names that got to being a university student. Wow, the thing that i cannot imagine but now i am here to be a student at here, it’s among three semesters i am here. Like another person who got the same option like me, they do a lot of preparation. They will bring a lot of thing to use it in everyday life at there. I am too.
            The day i should go to the uitm, it is 26.6.2010, if i not mistaken. My family was sending me at here. We start our ways among 12.00 p.m. and arrival at 1.00 p.m. The first thing that i am seeing is the place for security guard. Near in the place for guard, have a student that waiting for the entire new student to shown the right direction for our college. I got Mutiara. After that, i am seeing a lot of building, in my mind, i was thinking, oh, this is the university. Upon arrival at my college, i saw many students waiting their turn for registration. There have our seniors that help us for our college registration, they are very kind for us. They also had shown us our room. The first think in my mind, when i entered my room, the old locker, the all thing is old, this room have people stay on or not. I finish up all the things that i am bring. After that, i am going out with my family to find anything that i did not bring. We were back at uitm after finish buying all the thing that i am needed.
            Upon arrival, i were there, i see all the new student was sitting on the floor under our block. My family was going back home and leave me at there, i am so sad, oh, i am separate again with my family. It is okay, for my study. They tell us about our first day activities at uitm, i am listening carefully. They bring us to go to the hall, DST and we listen about our activities for orientation week. After that, they give us rest for eating and pray. After that, they bring us again at DST for the night activities, learning to sing the uitm’s song. They give us to go back at our room around 12.00 a.m. I am so tired the first day, i were here.
            That’s all, my experiences, first day at uitm. Even though, i am really tired but i miss my orientation week so much, because it is wonderful and challenges experiences for me.               

My first treatment at New York Skin Solution

Assalammualaikum, what’s up?
Okay, for my free essay, i would like to share my story about my first experiences when i want to do treatment at New York Skin Solution (NYSS). It is not my best experiences but i want to take this as my lesson because nowadays, where we want to go even go to the toilet we should paid for it.
            Actually, i win one contest that “match and win” in the internet. I was entered this contest just for fun and i don’t think that i can win. They give a simple question for me, it is not a difficult, and just you match face others people before and after treatment. After one week i entered this contest, i got a call from NYSS employees, her name is Danish and she said that i won, i got a voucher worth RM668 + free gift and she ask me about an appointment. At the beginner, i was so excited to do the treatment and give her the date and time for the treatment 19 July 2011 at 11.00 am at Eastcost mall, Kuantan.
            When i go back to home, i told to my mother and my brother about that and my brother said no need to go because it is nonsense because he said that i only got one treatment and i can’t continued the next treatment. My brother said it is so expensive, i don’t have money so if i go and still make the treatment, i am wasting time. I was so stubborn and i can’t accept all the him advice, normal, for a girl like me, who don’t want to look pretty, so, i was decided to go with my friend and my brother agreed about that and my mother just smile and silence about it. She just let me go with my decision. I call my friend and she said that she can’t accompany me for that, she is very busy during that time and lastly i decided not to go.
            During that day, i should go, i got a call from the NYSS employee and ask me about that appointment and i give a perfect truly reason but she was force me to go for it and i go with my brother. Upon arrival, i were there, i was entertained by them so well. Honestly, for me, their treatment is also good and i love it so much. During the treatment, there was all kind of sense that i was experienced, my face felt so cold, hot and itchy but after that, i felt so fresh, wow, i can’t explain it to all of you. After the treatment, she offered me for the next treatment with the student price RM558 and i said to think about it. I was do my own research at home related to the treatment and many people said that NYSS treatment ineffective to them and i believed to them because i don’t think have any changes after i do my first treatment. I got an answer that i decided not to continue the treatment. Yes, it is true what my brother said. I am sorry, my brother. If it ineffective, it wasting my time and also my money. In addition, I recently read somewhere an article stating that “The treatment at NYSS is a lie and they only love money so much”.
            The lesson that i got from this is, firstly, you need to listen what people want to said because sometimes they have a lot of experiences than you. Secondly, every where you want to go, believed me, that, you have to pay for any services that you are needed.

Childhood Memory in Ramadhan

Hello everybody,
            Today, I would like to talk about my memory during ramadhan when I am still a childhood. I am very sure that anyone of us has a very sweet memory during the ramadhan. I was remembered one of my memory when i am still a childhood.
            When i am still primary school, among 9 to 10 years old, i don’t remember it. My family was planning to go back to Rompin for celebrating hari raya. I am so excited. Upon  arrival at there in afternoon, i don’t felt to break my fast, i can continued my fasting until break at maghrib but during the evening, i was saw that many of my cousin are not fasting and i felt very hungry and i told to my mother that i want to break but my mother don’t give me for that permission, my mom told that we can break our fast not as long, but i was very hungry and i felt want to fainted, i said it to my mom but my mom was laugh at me. After ten minutes, i got an idea to break my fast, i was stole a fish ball at the kitchen and eat it behind of my grandmother house, suddenly, my youngest sister was seeing me, and i don’t know what i want tell to her about why i eat, but my young was smiling at me and said that she want to joined, i was laugh at her and share my fish ball to her, after that, i want it again and we plan to stole that fish ball together and until now my mother don’t know that i break my fast during the that time.
            For me, this is the best memory that i can’t forget until now. When i remembered, i will laugh. My youngest sister is a good in keeping any secret between us.

10 facts about me!

I just want to share about 10 facts about me that may be you’re not known
I like a blue colour so much.
     My favourite colour is blue. I like blue colour because blue is very interesting colour. I don’t know why i like it so much. Sometimes blue can give me a lot of inspiration and peaceful.

I addicted with UJANG magazine so much.
I like ujang because for me, ujang can give me a laugh. Funny cartoon, beautiful and unique ideas from ujang can improved a lot of my knowledge. I love it so much and i don’t care what people want to says about my favourite magazines, boring or whatever, i don’t care.

I love laugh.
Laugh can make me happy, so even it is not funny, i want to laugh a lot. I don’t care if you want to say that i am crazy.

I don’t know how to make up.
I am very simple person so i don’t take a port about the make-up, how to make a beautiful face with make-up and whatever. For me, it is very difficult and sometimes wasting my times, make-up and everything, even i had a date, i just make sure that i wear a beautiful cloth, wear my perfumes and just touch up my face with powder. He want to reject me, i don’t care. Every person has their own ways.

I am faster to worry.
I don’t know why, even i had a perfect preparation, i still got worry if something that i have plan are not being like i want.

 I am very jealousy person.
I am not perfect. I am very jealousy person. It is not only in relationship but in your pointer whatever you get that more than me. It sounds terrible? Yes, that is my bad attitude.

 Crying can make me satisfied so i want to cry, don’t disturb me when i am crying. Just let me go.
I love writing, painting, reading and listening.
I am very like to writing something that can motivate me like a poem. I like to paint whatever that in my mind. I like to read a story book, comics and also magazines. I love to listen Malay, English and whatever those are best to listen especially music.

HUHU is my trademark.
I like to say HUHU, i don’t know why but HUHU it sound funny, cute and interesting. Even i am messages people, email, even comment in a status at facebook or whatever, i like to type HUHU. Honestly, i don’t know why. It is very special trademark for me, HUHU. Did you have your own trademark like me?